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Manousos Chalkiadakis - Ceramic Studio

Paidohori is a small village at the base of White Mountains. Manousos Chalkiadakis’ house and studio is located in this stunning natural environment. His house, which has been photographed countless times by the Greek and International press, hosts those who love the traditional architecture. The artist’s studio has been built keeping all the traditional elements of the main house. The place where Manousos Chalkiadakis creates his unique ceramics has become a learning studio for those interested in the art of pottery. Manousos Chalkiadakis welcomes you to his house and studio and offers you the opportunity to explore the Cretan culture and discover your artistic talent.

Kokkino Chorio

Kokkino Chorio is located in Apokoronas, in the northeastern part of the Prefecture of Chania. It is one of the most picturesque villages in the area with stone houses and beautiful churches such as Agios Georgios and Agia Aikaterini. Within a short distance, there are several beaches, sandy or pebbly, with blue waters. Kokkino Chorio has beautiful taverns and traditional cafeterias, giving a sense of a unique cretan landscape and offering to its guests quiet vacation days. In the square, in front of the church, the shooting of the well-known film “Zorbas” -starring Anthony Quinn- was made. According to tradition, the name Kokkino Chorio was given during the Ottoman domination. Then, the conquerors slaughtered the women and the children and their red blood covered everything. Around Kokkino Chorio, you will find several caves such as Karavospilios, which is located on the coast, below the residential area. Tourist accommodation is located in the center of the village as well as the famous Cave at Drapano is located a few kilometers away from Kokkino Chorio. During German Domination, the rebels used the cave since it was a passage to the mountain. Entering the village you will see the factory where glass has been sent for processing. It is open for the guests and worth visiting.

Venizelos Tombs

Venizelos Tombs and specifically the tombs of Eleftherios and Sophocles Venizelos are located on the hill of Prophet Elias, 5 kilometers east of the city of Chania. The two tombs are situated opposite each other and are surrounded by lovely gardens, tall pines, stone-paved floors, paths, stairs and benches. Also, the panoramic view of the sea and the city of Chania offers extraordinary beauty.
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