Autumn in Chania

Autumn stubbornly refuses to visit Chania even though we say goodbye to the second week of October. The weather remains gentle, the city keeps the liveliness of summer and the sea is still warm.
Nature’s colors are changing and hikers from all over the world are coming to explore the wild mountain nature, of the White Mountains, to walk and enjoy the most suitable month for this type of sport.
Just a few steps away from Petite Suites, the majestic 14th-century Old Port is situated. The Venetian Harbor of Chania, is nowadays, the most characteristic and at the same time the most magical point of the city.
The Venetian Neoria of 1497, the so-called shipyards, which once constructed war galleys, are now repairing boats.
Our walk does not stop here. We can get lost in the maze of alleys. Others busy, full of visitors, with small shops and restaurants mixing with the houses, and others with people sitting on chairs in front of their doorways, groomed pots, playful children, and many more things to experience.
Many have passed and envied the beauty of the city, Ottomans, Saracen pirates, Venetian merchants, leaving their marks on architecture and cuisine before they leave.
Three hundred meters from the Petite suites you will find Splantzia area, the old quarter of the Muslims, where every step looks like a trip to the past.
The Jewish Quarter, Topanas, Koum – Kapi and so many other attractions will make your city tour a continuous discovery of its secrets, all just a few meters from where you are staying.
Chania in Autumn is the only city that beats so easy any sadness with its nostalgic colors, aromas and flavors and we invite you to add this destination to your list of your autumn excursions.

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